From The Golden Age To The Modern Age, These Stars Are Still Alive Today!

The Golden Age of Hollywood was a time of innovation and wonder in storytelling. Movies brought new narratives to the world. An audience could suddenly be transported to anywhere around the globe without leaving their seat and movie stars became the heroes we grew up with. Of course, as we got older, so did they. Sean Connery couldn’t play James Bond forever, and we would never ask him to. At 88 years old today, we wouldn’t mind seeing him in another movie, though! Here are all of our Golden Age favorites who we’d love to see on the big screen again!

Clint Eastwood shows no signs of slowing!

Vera Lynn Is Still Going Strong At 101

Manchester Daily Express/SSPL/Getty Images

Vera Lynn was born in 1917 in East Ham, London. During World War II she became a radio staple and even had her own show on the BBC. Since then, she has remained as popular as ever, even topping the British album charts in 2009.

If you don’t recognize her name, you’ve undoubtedly heard one of her songs. A few of her most famous ones are My Son, My Son, It Hurts To Say Goodbye, and We’ll Meet Again. After officially retiring, Lynn settled down in Sussex where she remains in great health.

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