All The Reasons You Should Be Eating Grapefruit

Grapefruit are packed with health benefits. They’re also delicious and low in calories. Read on to learn all about this unique fruit’s healthy perks.

Note: grapefruit does not mix well with certain medications, especially cholesterol medicine. Talk to your doctor before consuming any food or beverage containing grapefruit.

It’s A Great Source Of Vitamin C


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Grapefruit are loaded with Vitamin C. This vitamin helps to prevent colds by boosting the immune system.

And there’s good news if you’ve already caught a bug: if you’re currently sick, eating grapefruit will help you get over it sooner. Sure, you could take a tablet. But most healthcare professionals believe that getting vitamins from food is best.

It’s A Metabolism Booster


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Along with awesome fat burning effects, grapefruit also has the ability to boost the metabolism. This is because it has fat burning qualities, even when you are at rest.

The cause is an antioxidant called naringenin, which makes the body use insulin more efficiently and burn calories faster. So ramp that metabolism up with grapefruit!

Grapefruit Can Help Prevent Gum Disease


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You might think the acidity of grapefruit might be bad for the mouth, teeth, and gums. You’d be wrong, though!

Scientists have found that eating one grapefruit a day can reverse signs of gum disease. That’s amazing.

Grapefruit For Stress Relief


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Grapefruit also has the brilliant ability to relieve stress levels. Stress and anxiety can be crippling conditions that are experienced by many people.

Studies have shown that the smell of grapefruit alone can alleviate levels of anxiety. This is great news for people who don’t like the taste of grapefruit! Get a scented candle instead and reap the benefits.

Kidney Stones, Be Gone


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A build-up of calcium is what typically brings on kidney stones. This condition can be excruciating to those affected by it.

Grapefruit juice can help those kidney stones pass more easily, and it can also prevent kidney stones from ever forming. One liter is recommended.

Want Better Cholesterol Levels? Try Grapefruit!


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One study found that bad cholesterol was lowered by at least 15% after grapefruit was incorporated into peoples’ diets.

These amazing benefits were tracked after just a month of grapefruit consumption. Note: blonde (yellow) grapefruit were found to be better than red varieties at lowering cholesterol.

Burn More Fat By Increasing Grapefruit Consumption


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Who doesn’t want to add some natural fat burners into their diets? Studies have shown that eating just half a grapefruit or drinking some grapefruit juice before a meal can enhance fat burning.

It’s possible that the act of eating a small amount of the citrus could also cause you to eat less during the main meal — double bonus!

Lung Cancer Prevention


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Are you a smoker, wanting to reverse the damage of cigarettes on your lungs? Well, if so, we have good news.

Studies have shown that drinking three glasses of grapefruit juice (each day) can alleviate damaged lungs because of the way grapefruit activates enzymes that battle deadly diseases.

A Healthier Pregnancy?


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Many doctors recommend the introduction of grapefruit to moms-to-be. It is the folate and Vitamin C in grapefruit that promote bone growth, help to maintain cell strength, and work to assist bone development tissue repair.

Folate is an extremely important B vitamin that is necessary for pregnant mothers because it can reduce the risk of birth defects.

Prostate Cancer Protection


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This is good news for men! Because grapefruit are so heavy in antioxidants, they have the ability to attack carcinogens.

Studies have found that grapefruit can repair damaged cells and they essentially protect from prostate cancer, which is the second most common cancer in men. The key to this benefit is Lycopene, which we’ll discuss in more depth later.

Give Yourself A Liver Cleanse


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Some of the most unhealthy toxins locked in the liver can be released when grapefruit is digested. Chronic conditions such as stiff muscles, chronic migraines, and depression can be alleviated by a liver detox.

What are you waiting for? Get some grapefruit juice today and see what it can do for you!

Feel Your Best With Vitamin B


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Grapefruit contains Vitamin B1, which is the B-complex vitamin. B1 has grand effects and is even known to rid people of depression.

The vitamin also boosts energy levels, slows the aging process, regulates hormones, lowers the risk of stroke, and aids in memory retention. Wow!

Grapefruit Can Help You Get More Fiber In Your Diet


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Grapefruit contains a teensy bit of fiber, which most Americans are lacking. The daily recommendation is 25 grams of fiber.

Adding grapefruit to your diet will bump your fiber intake up, and as an added bonus can help keep you regular. Fiber also controls blood sugar levels and keeps cholesterol in check.

The Incredible Antioxidant Benefits Of Lycopene


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Lycopene is primarily found in the darker pink and red varieties of grapefruit. The benefits of Lycopene are plentiful and include fighting diabetes, lowering the cholesterol, boosting the immune system, and treating infertility.

Lycopene has even been shown to contribute to anti-tumor activity.

Limonoids And Your Optimal Health


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Here’s another “L” word that makes grapefruit so good for you. Limonoids are phytochemicals that promote the growth of detoxifying enzymes, which deplete the chances of tumor formation.

In lab testing, limonoids have reduced tumors of the mouth, breast, colon, skin, stomach, and lung.

Breast Cancer Prevention


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The pulpy portion of citrus fruits, grapefruit included, contains glucarates. Glucarates are compounds that may have the ability to prevent breast cancer. They also aid in liver detoxification and cholesterol regulation.

You can purchase glucarate supplements but many doctors feel that getting your vitamins and minerals from food is best whenever possible.

Colon Cancer Protection


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Is there anything grapefruit can’t do? Here’s yet another benefit to the fruit. The enzymes that activate cancers may be eliminated with the simple introduction of grapefruit, according to research from the 228th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

Other studies have shown that grapefruit intake can lead to the production of healthy colon cells in patients with cancer.

Up Your Copper Intake


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Copper is key to numerous bodily systems. Its main functions are building strong tissues, producing energy levels, and maintaining blood volume.

If you or anyone you know has ever experienced low copper levels, you will know because you’ll have feelings of extreme fatigue. Grapefruit is a great source of copper.

May Alleviate Respiratory Problems


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Wheezing symptoms can be quickly decreased through eating grapefruit. This is because the fruit is loaded with helpful Vitamin C. Many people who suffer from shortness of breath or asthma have seen great improvements after introducing grapefruit to their diets.

Keep in mind that some medications prescribed for asthma and other breathing conditions can react poorly with grapefruit. Always consult a doctor before beginning any new food regimen!

Grapefruit Is A Natural Antiseptic


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Grapefruit is also a natural antiseptic for external wounds. The essential oil of grapefruit is ideal to apply to wounds, abrasions, bruises, and even acne.

Grapefruit oil can prevent microbial infections from developing in wounds, and it also stops injuries from becoming septic or diseased. You can purchase this helpful serum over the counter at any drugstore.