How Healing Crystals Can Help Us Live Healthier Lives

Crystals have healing vibrations that alter the energies flowing through our bodies. Even though crystal healing doesn’t have much scientific support, people have sworn by their power for centuries. By improving our moods and emotions, crystals can help us live healthier lives. If stress wears you down, if you struggle to accept your feelings or to communicate with others, these healing gems might be able to help. Think of them as little life hacks to make your emotions and circumstances a lot easier to handle.

Keep reading to learn which crystals you should invest in based on what you might be struggling with.

Grounding Us In The Present

tourmaline and calcite grounding crystals
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Tourmaline, also a stone of protection, is a fantastic grounding stone. Tourmaline eases stress and releases tension. Hematite also reduces stress and anxiety, making it an ideal grounding stone.

Some of us struggle with excessive worries about the future or regrets about the past. Healing crystals can help ground us in the present. By rolling these crystals in our hands, or studying their surface, we can bring our minds back to today. These crystals create an energy shield around us to block out any negativity outside.

Connecting Ourselves To Our Bodies

bloodstone skull sodalite body crystals
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Have you ever gone hours feeling nothing until suddenly realizing that you’re starving? This is a result of us not connecting to our bodies. Similar to grounding stones, bloodstones help us pay attention to our body’s sensations and needs.

Bloodstone, as its name implies, links us to the blood. It is an excellent grounding crystal, helping us overcome stress and focus on ourselves. Sodalite, with its white veins, also highlights our inner needs. Carry these crystals with you to keep yourself insightful about your body, and make decisions easier.

Work or school stressing you out? The crystals coming up can help you feel more relaxed.

Lowering Our Stress Levels

crystal grid relieve stress amethyst jasper crystals
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Amethyst lends you a powerful energy shield that wards off stress. You can carry this gem with you when you’re not looking forward to your day. Jasper provides stability along with healing so that we can remain calm and focused throughout a hectic day.

Healing crystals can naturally calm our body’s nervous system. These crystals can be placed under the pillow to encourage sleep, carried into tests, or thrown into your suitcase for a vacation. They can lower your heartbeat and clear your mind, especially if you breathe all your anxieties out into the stone.

Decompressing After A Long Day

cat with crystals relaxing howlite lepidolite
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When all’s said and done, we want to relax. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. Howlite crystals not only soothe us but provide emotional relief. They prevent the work day’s stress from bleeding into our home lives. We can’t live healthy lives if we don’t relax.

Howlite is a wonderful crystal to place under your pillow while relaxing. It prevents insomnia and aids rest. Lepidolite is also a great crystal that enriches gratitude and self-love–a perfect stone for relaxing in the tub or pampering yourself.

Shoo those destructive emotions out of your life with the crystals coming up.

Releasing Anger and Guilt

malachite muscovite release anger guilt crystals
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If you’re having difficulty forgiving yourself or someone else, malachite crystals can help break down those walls. These crystals can be held during meditation or journaling to help us embrace and accept a traumatic situation.

Called “the stone of transformation,” malachite contains energies fit for this very purpose. Malachite reaches in deep to surface suppressed feelings and past traumas. For a tamer option, you can use muscovite to ease tension or confusion. Muscovite allows you to feel more comfortable moving forward from any emotions holding you back.

Encouraging Unconditional Love

rose quartz hearts moonstone love stones
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Love for ourselves and love for others are both emotions we can never have enough of. If you wish to remedy or improve a relationship you have with another or yourself, you find some rose quartz. These love-amplifying crystals stones emit deep emotional healing and are associated with the heart chakra.

Rose quartz is the most popular stone for attracting love. This pretty pink gem has been making its rounds through makeup and beauty brands for its ability to encourage self-love. Moonstone also boosts unconditional love and harmonizes relationships.

Cleansing Ourselves Of Negative Energies

selenite cleansing crystals flourite
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When we have bad days, a little positivity can pick us right up. Specific crystals can suck out negative energy and replace it with positive vibrations. Fluorite crystals can help us relax, study, or prevent outside negativity from peeking in.

With its vast array of colors, fluorite can sort through all negative energies and clear the mind. Selenite, with its milky white shine, illuminates light both external and internal. It is a powerful cleansing, so strong that it’s often used to cleanse other crystals.

Clarity and insight await you with these next beautiful crystals.

Increasing Our Mental Clarity

agate geode
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When our emotions run wild, agate crystals can help us stabilize our flailing thoughts. By focusing on the crystal, rubbing it, and breathing slowly, you may find our yourself relaxing and thinking more clearly.

These healing crystals greatly aid emotional stability. It can improve our clarity of thought, assuaging anger and lack of self-worth. Tiger’s eye also enhances clarity by enhancing our focus. It helps us solve problems when we’re drowning in emotions. Both crystals would be a great fit in your pocket during stressful times.

Discovering Truth Through Increased Wisdom

lapis lazuli raw wisdom healing crystal
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Crystals have long been a tool through which people could learn. Their energies are considered to extend beyond the physical realm, touching realities we can not see. It’s no wonder that many crystals, such as lapis lazuli, are thought to promote discovery and observation.

An ancient stone of royalty, lapis lazuli is a powerful crystal of truth. It encourages us to discover ourselves, leading to better communication and decision-making. Keeping lapis on your work desk may improve your workflow.

Accepting And Recognizing Our Emotions

obsidian mirror kyanite emotion healing crystals
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When emotions intensify, when life becomes a whirlwind, we can struggle to identify and resolve our feelings. Kyanite crystals direct our awareness of our emotions. Though the results can be intense, these stones clarify our problems and help us transition through them.

Kyanite’s energy enhances our deep meditative state, turning our attention inward. It helps us recognize what we feel through its ability to soothe and support the nerves. Obsidian, with its reflective surface, also reveals our darker aspects. You can peer into obsidian to gain a better understanding of yourself.

Coming up, crystals that boost your self-confidence when you need it the most.

Growing Courage

carnelian and sunstone bracelet amazonite labradorite courage crystals
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Some crystals can help you express yourself with courage and conviction. Amazonite stones combine soothing energies with a fiery spirit, to stick to your conviction without being too emotional. They can decrease your self-doubt if you’re giving a speech or attending an interview.

Amazonite contains a vibration that’s both intuitive and energetic, keeping us steadfast. Sunstones heighten our natural intuition, so our true selves can shine through confidently. Also boosting our courage, labradorite taps into our inner wisdom. With these crystals in hand, we can stroll through jarring life events and transitions with confidence and perseverance.

Clearing Up Communication

turquoise bracelets communication crystals
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If it’s hard to get words out sometimes, or if you’re struggling to see eye-to-eye with someone, communication crystals can ease the tension. With their ability to open the mind, these crystals can aid you in expressing your feelings clearly and levelly. They are always good to keep on hand at a work desk or in the living room.

If you want personal protection while speaking, turquoise should work for you. Turquoise aligns your energy centers so that you may talk honestly without exploding into emotion. As a bonus, it can also give you a charismatic glow, inclining others to listen to you.

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Boosting Our Creative Minds

garnet gem carnelian creativity crystals
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Rather than calming our minds, some crystals can stimulate our minds. Carnelian stones emit active, clear energies that help open our minds to new ideas. They also help us learn more quickly, and are perfect for placing on an art desk or in a pencil case.

If you’re burnt out, carnelian can restore your vitality and determination. This bright stone dispels apathy and paves your mind for creative thinking. Also a red gem, garnet fires up the spirit to work overtime. Its intense energies can get you thinking faster and more clearly.

Attracting Abundance And Money

citrine ring peridot attract money abundance crystals
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Some crystals radiate a vibration that attracts riches to them. If you have trouble keeping tabs on your money, or want to earn a little more, you may want to carry peridot stones with you. Many keep the gems in their wallets or purses.

Peridot not only looks like ancient emeralds, but also attract money and improve your patience. This energy can help you handle debt and save up more. Known as the merchant’s stone, citrine also increases your mindfulness of money. Citrine’s protective powers can also prevent you from being scammed or ripped off.

Learn which crystals can protect you from electromagnetic waves.

Fighting Off Negative Vibes

obsidian arrowhead wirewrapped bronzite onyx negative energy
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If you have a coworker or family member who radiates negativity, you won’t want their bad attitude to bring you down. Wear protective crystals as jewelry when you’re around them, and you can divert their negative vibes.

Protective stones like bronzite hit the “return to sender” button on bad vibes, so they don’t affect your mood. If you’re surrounded by negativity or low on energy, hold bronzite close to restore your mood. Black onyx also absorbs bad energy like a black hole, preventing your energy from being drained.

Protecting Against Electromagnetic Frequency

magnetite protection emf
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Electromagnetic Frequency (or EMF) is radiation that comes out electronics such as our phones and microwaves. EMF can give us fatigue, memory loss and difficulty focusing. The best crystals for EMF are ones containing iron, like lodestone, that can absorb the rays.

Lodestone, also called magnetite, can absorb these rays. Pyrite is also a good choice. Any quartz crystal can help, though smoky quartz works especially well. If your phone charges next to you overnight, keep one of these crystals in between you and the phone to lower EMF absorption.

If you feel stuck, the crystals coming up can help push you through those pesky tasks.

Retaining Memory

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Perhaps you have issues remembering passwords or appointment dates. Fortunately, crystals can prevent memory loss. You may want to keep emeralds or one of these other stones by your textbook or work desk; or wear it as jewelry.

Emerald lowers absent-mindedness and hypertension, increasing one’s focus. It is a fantastic stone for studying or reading. If that isn’t enough, aragonite promotes your logical thinking and decision-making. This crystal can help you remember to put that appointment into Google Calendar immediately.

Motivating Ourselves When We Feel Stuck

Insect in amber motivation gold quartz tangerine quartz
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It’s hard to power through on a project when we just don’t wanna. These crystals help keep our energy up to prevent us from dozing off and procrastinating. When we need to complete those dang tax forms, we can keep gold or tangerine quartz close by.

Having gold quartz around will continuously remind you of your goal, and push you to complete it. Similarly, tangerine quartz amp up your confidence so you can get the job done fast. Another a golden stone, amber, invigorates us to feel alive motivated.

Coming up, these healing crystals help us balance our emotions to live healthier lives.

Balancing Our Emotions to Stabilize Our Lives

howlite dice balancing life crystals
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A balanced life is a healthy life, and orange aventurine crystals can help stabilize our moods and priorities. If we work too much and sleep too little, our lives are out of balance, and that can ruin our health. You can place these crystals around your house to encourage balance.

Orange aventurine amplifies and cleanses energy, removing stagnating energies. It brings together emotional and intellectual strengths to motivate us to make wise decisions. Mookaite also balances our inner and outer experiences, encouraging our versatility. These stones help us explore our possibilities and allow stability into our lives.

Ending Patterns Of Denial

pink rhodonite healing crystal denial chrysoprase
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As much as we hate to admit it, sometimes it’s hard to face the truth. Guilt, pride or fear may combine forces to hold us back. For these situations, we need a crystal that lends us compassion, forgiveness, and wisdom all at once.

Chrysoprase creates a mindset of optimism and kindness. Journaling, praying or meditating with this crystal will give you more insightful perspectives into your situation. For grief and loss, rhodonite provides us with enough self-love and faith to bring our emotions to the surface. Experiencing what we’re denying can allow us to grow out of it.