Things You Should Never Do To Dry Skin

There are many factors that could cause our skin to be dry, itchy, and flaky. And the environmental impact on our largest organ, the skin, is sure to fluctuate as the environment and seasons change. We should look at our skin as our essential protector because it is the body’s first line of defense against the sun, winds, and cold.


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We need to give our skin a little extra TLC like the women above are doing. Winter weather is the most common culprit of dry skin because as the temperature drops so do humidity levels, leaving skin parched, chapped, and ultra-dehydrated.

Let’s discuss the things that people with dry skin should never do.

Turn Up The Thermostat

During those winter months, when it feels so terrific to have a heated house, resist the urge to crank the thermostat. Indoor heating affects dry skin because it robs even more moisture from the air, and your skin.

Steamy Showers

Hot showers are another unfortunate offender when it comes to dry skin becoming dryer. The natural oils in skin are dried out the longer one stays under the hot spray of a shower.

Face masks

As promising as some of the face masks seem to be, overusing the ones that shrink pores, purify skin, or remove blackheads will likely backfire. Hydration and ultra-moisturizing are the terms that should be all over your mask’s labeling, if dry skin is your problem.


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This doesn’t necessarily mean drinking it, but using products heavy in alcohol. The skincare industry’s products are loaded with traces of alcohol. Dry-skinned folks should stay away from toners.

Makeup, Especially Powders

When the dry winter season comes around, most powders will only highlight scaly skin and lock out any chance of moisture. Creamy, liquid forms of makeup –especially those with moisturizing lotions imbedded — are far better.


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Exfoliators And Cleansers

The little beads found in many exfoliators are way too harsh on chapped skin. Also, many cleansers are loaded with alcohol or are not effective in taking off makeup so users tend to scrub harder, leaving skin feeling tight and irritated. Find gentle, hydrating cleansers instead.


Shaving can irritate the skin, especially when it’s already dry. Shaving also scrapes away natural oils. Shaving in the direction your hair grows, rather than against it, and using a moisturizing shaving cream are helpful remedies.

Forgetting To Moisturize

For those who really struggle with the driest of skin, getting into a morning and nighttime moisturizing routine is essential.


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Failing To Prepare

Some environments are horrific for dry skin, such as swimming pools, airplanes, and even baths and showers. Taking quick lukewarm showers after a swim or layering on extra moisturizer after bathing are two ways to nurture your skin.

Not Drinking Enough H20

Our skin can often reflect what is happening inside our bodies. Making sure your water intake is plentiful will not only affect you overall health but also alleviate dry skin.


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Work on moisturizing your skin by avoiding these harmful factors that contribute to dehydration. Slowly but surely, you should see results and your skin will start to breathe, glow, and thrive.