From The Golden Age To The Modern Age, These Stars Lived Long Enough To See It All!

The Golden Age of Hollywood was a time of innovation and wonder in storytelling. Movies brought new narratives to the world. An audience could suddenly be transported to anywhere around the globe without leaving their seat and movie stars became the heroes we grew up with. Of course, as we got older, so did they. Here are all of our Golden Age favorites who lived to see the modern era!

Not Even The Birds Can Stop Tippi Hedren

Like Clint Eastwood, Tippi Hedren just won’t stop making movies. She’s most famous for her role in The Birds, the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock thriller about homicidal birds. After that movie made her famous, she refused to quit. Working in everything from movies to television shows, not a year has gone by that we haven’t seen Tippi Hedren on our screens.

In 2017, she starred in The Ghost and the Whale, a movie set in Bodega Bay about a man trying to convince the world that a whale killed his wife.