Finally, Relief! Here Are The Best Foods To Combat Constipation

According to the American Gastroenterological Association, 16% of all adults have symptoms of constipation. This percentage increases as people get older. Constipation isn’t just an annoyance; it can also cause abdominal pain and even nausea or vomiting.

Many foods can relieve constipation and not just because of fiber. Some fruits have a type of sugar that works as a laxative. Certain bread types work better than others, and you can drink a specific coffee substitute for speedier bowel movements. If you’re struggling with constipation, here are the best foods and drinks for you.

An Apple A Day Keeps Constipation Away

Apples hang on a tree, and ducks walk beneath it.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” could relate to gut health. Apples have a ton of fiber; a single medium-sized apple provides 17% of your daily recommended fiber. Like many fruits and vegetables, apples supply a specific type of fiber called pectin.

Pectin pulls water into the colon to loosen stools. During a 2014 study, participants consumed pectin over four weeks. They had higher levels of healthier gut bacteria and improved constipation symptoms. Green apples and Granny apples have the most pectin, but eating any apple may help.