Celebrities Share Their Healthy Food Hacks And We’re Taking Notes

Celebrities pretty much have free reign when it comes to food. They have the ability (and cash flow) to dine at the best restaurants and hire incredible private chefs. They can even pay for a personal assistant to fetch them food at any time. But not all celebrities like to live a glam life when it comes to food. In fact, many celebs turn into expert home cooks.

Of course, celebrities still need to tend to their image. That means they can’t just cook up frozen meals and call it a day. These celebrities have mastered being healthy home cooks and luckily, they’ve shared their secrets with us. Check out the best healthy food hacks from your favorite A-listers.

Jennifer Garner Swaps Regular Chips For Kale Chips

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Everyone has their snacking vices and celebrities are no different. For Jennifer Garner, blue corn chips are her “nemesis.” So to avoid her evil enemy, she turns to kale chips. Now we know what you’re thinking, kale chips suck. It’s hard to find a good kale chip but Jennifer has figured out the trick.

On her “Pretend Cooking Show” that she hosts on Facebook, the actress says the trick is to use dinosaur kale. The different kale strain is sturdier than traditional curly kale which stops it from getting soggy and wilted in the oven.