Delicious Meals And Snacks You Can Still Eat On The Keto Diet

If you’re new to the keto diet, you might be at a loss for what to make and eat for breakfast, lunch, and, dinner (and snacks in between). That’s where we come in. If you want to find out how to make protein and fat-rich meals or delicious flourless desserts, keep on reading. You’re going to want to save all of these recipes to your keto Pinterest board.

Blackened Salmon With Avocado Salsa

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Salmon can be a difficult ingredient to work with. If you don’t season it properly, it comes out bland, and if you cook it just a little bit too long, it gets dry and chalky. Once you master this ingredient though, you’ll be able to make the most delicious dinners.

This recipe makes use of a cast iron pan and some cajun seasoning, which is the best way to get flavorful, perfectly cooked, crispy salmon.