Don’t Lose The Battle To A Hangover, Here Are The Best Methods To Help Combat Them

Hangovers, who needs them? That answer is rhetorical, but sadly, feeling terrible after a night of drinking is often unavoidable. That is if you don’t know what you’re doing. Leave the headaches and vomiting to the rookies. Now that you’re reading this article, you’re about to become a professional at avoiding and getting rid of those nasty mornings filled with regret. There are preventative steps that help lessen the chances or completely eradicate having a hangover. There are also foods you need to be eating if you wake up with one. Two words, you’re welcome.

Preventative: Eat A Burger Before You Drink, No SALAD

We understand you don’t want to look or feel bloated at the bar on your night out of drinking. However, beating a hangover is a way better feeling wouldn’t you agree? Defeating one depends on how you metabolize it, not how much you drink.

Martin H. Simon-Pool/Getty Images
Martin H. Simon-Pool/Getty Images

Dr. Elizabeth Kovacs says you need to make sure you eat a meal that has carbs, protein, and fat before you sip on liquor. Order that burger and save the salad for later.