These Foods And Drinks Can Reverse Aging, According To Science

How A Molecule In Pomegranates “Counteracts Aging”

Pomegranates contain a special molecule that can “counteract aging,” according to the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. During their animal study, researchers found a molecule that protects cells from aging.

An open pomegranate sits on top of a few whole pomegranates.
Dmitry FeoktistovTASS via Getty Images
Dmitry FeoktistovTASS via Getty Images

When the molecule reaches the intestines, it transforms into a substance called urolithin A. This protein helps the mitochondria “clean up” and revitalize instead of degrading. In other words, a molecule in pomegranate seeds can reverse cell aging. It could potentially delay the onset of aging diseases, too. Although more research needs to be done, pomegranates are promising.