Foods That Don’t Always Need To Be Kept In The Refrigerator

While a lot of meat and dairy products need to be refrigerated to keep from molding or going bad, there are a lot of other foods that the USDA doesn’t recommend to be refrigerated. A refrigerator is a very specific, cool, dark environment that isn’t hospitable for every kind of food item. None of these foods are on the USDA’s list of refrigeration recommendations. After reading this article, you might need to make some more space in your pantry.

Keep Apples Out Of The Cold

Apples can last a week or two at room temperature, but they start to get mealy pretty quickly if you keep them in the fridge. Also, apples can cause other fruits to ripen faster because of the natural gas that they emit. You don’t want to trap all of that gas in your fridge with your other perishables.

Photo by Abed Rahim Khatib/NurPhoto via Getty Images
Photo by Abed Rahim Khatib/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Enzymes within apples become far more active at room temperature, making the apples way more nutritious.