Grilling Tips That Will Make Everyone Think You’re A Master

Maybe it’s part of our primitive nature, but people like to pride themselves when it comes to their cooking skills over an open flame. (And nobody ever minds being called the “grill master.”) However, what you don’t want is for people to think you have no idea what you’re doing. Here are a few simple tricks to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Use Bread To Learn Where The Grill’s Hot Spots Are

Every grill is different, which means that every grill’s hot spots are located in different areas. This is important to know so you don’t end up either burning or undercooking food because it wasn’t placed on the right section of the grill.

Picture of bread

To find out where these places are, lay down pieces of fresh bread on an equal amount of heat and flip after one minute. You should be able to clearly tell which areas are the hottest depending on the char on the bread.