Next Time You Go To Costco, Look For These Healthy Food Products

When it comes to Costco, steer clear of the cookies and ice cream and look towards bulk-buying healthy food items that are great for weight loss. The members-only store offers vitamin-dense foods such as cherries and blueberries, while their Kirkland Signature Oven Browned Turkey Breast is a cheap and healthy way to get protein.

Keep reading because these items should be on every Costco member’s next shopping list.

Dave’s Killer Bread Is A Great Source Of Fiber

An organic whole-grain bread, Dave’s Killer Bread is an amazing source of fiber and protein while lacking preservatives found in other bread.

Dave's Killer Bread Sells Half Stake To Private Equity Firm
Natalie Behring/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Natalie Behring/Bloomberg via Getty Images

According to registered dietitian Brittany Modell, “It is high in fiber and protein. Although the sugar content might be higher than some of its health-conscious counterparts, it can add value to your diet.”