“Healthy” Foods That Have More Sugar Than A Donut

Nonfat Yogurt

low fat and nonfat yogurts of different brands are stacked.
Pinterest/Lauren Rovegno
Pinterest/Lauren Rovegno

Those who are watching their calorie intake may reach for a container of nonfat yogurt. Unfortunately, these products replace fat with added sugar. Some brands provide nearly 30 grams of sugar. Not only is that the same as five jelly donuts, but it’s also 60% of your daily sugar limit, according to the USDA.

Full-fat yogurts, such as Greek yogurt, have fewer sugars because milk is naturally sweet. Plus, some dairy compounds aid fat loss. In the American Journal of Nutrition, researchers noted that conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in dairy helps people lose weight. Nonfat yogurts have little to no CLA.