Avoid Or Limit These Foods If You’re On A Low-Carb Diet

Low-carb diets can aid weight loss, help your cholesterol, and reduce blood and insulin levels. But transitioning to a low-carb diet is hard. Depending on the diet, people can only eat up to 25 or 240 grams of carbohydrates per day!

If you haven’t monitored carbs before, you should know that they come from sneaky sources. Your sweeteners, dressings, and even healthy fruits may put you way over your determined carb limit. Here are the high-carb foods that you should either avoid or limit during your diet.

You May Have Options With Bread

A baker presents their bread slices at a contest.
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Avoiding bread comes as no surprise on a low-carb diet. When people think of carbs, they likely imagine bread. The amount of carbs in bread depends on which loaf you buy. If you eat white bread, a single slice comes out to 14 grams of carbs with little fiber. Whole-wheat bread has 17 grams of carbs but more fiber.

Fortunately for bread-lovers, there are recipes for low-carb bread out there. For instance, using coconut flour reduces the number of carbs and packs more fiber and protein. Eating flatbread instead of slices will reduce your carb intake, as well.