Science-Backed Methods To Boost Your Energy When You Are Over 50

As we age, our energy declines naturally. Cell alternations reduce muscle mass, and hormonal changes also cause activities to become more tiring. While slowing down is normal, intense and persistent fatigue is not. Fortunately, scientists have long studied how to help people over 50 maintain their energy levels. Understanding how to alter your sleep habits and eating schedule can make all the difference. Wanting more vitality demonstrates an appreciation for your life and health, so check out these easy science-backed tips to transform your body and mind.

Rule Out All Medical Options First

Medical staff examining the patient with equipment.
Jana Cavojska / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images
Jana Cavojska / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

Although energy naturally lowers with age, unusual fatigue can result from a larger medical problem. Many illnesses such as heart disease, arthritis, and sleep apnea contribute to low energy. Certain medications can make you feel fatigued as well–blood pressure medications and diuretics, for example.

Talk to your doctor if you experience unusual fatigue, or if your energy sinks after starting a new medication. None of these other tips will work if you’re experiencing a health complication that’s impacting your strength.