Ranking The Best (And Worst) Hot Sauces To Spice Up Your Plate

Hot sauce is one of those staple condiments, right beside ketchup and mustard. It adds a kick to otherwise bland foods and adds an extra flavor profile that delights your taste buds.

There’s no real limit to where you can add spice, be it hot dogs, your breakfast scrambled eggs, mac and cheese, and really, too many options to list. But the wrong hot sauce can ruin a dish, adding too much unnecessary flavor or even too much heat to really enjoy your meal. See which hot sauces were named the best, and which were the worst!

Best: Tapatío

This Mexican-style hot sauce was created in California and has a red pepper flavor that allows the sauce to go with a variety of dishes, from tacos, pizza, chicken, pasta, and much more.

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Sitting at 3,000 SHU or Scoville heat units, the sauce isn’t overpowering but offers just enough heat to liven up your meal.