40 Things you Should never Order At These Restaurants

If your first part-time job wasn’t in retail, it was likely working in fast-food or at a restaurant chain. Working in a restaurant teaches you patience, customer service, and all the gross secrets about food that you never wanted to know. For those of us who never got the chance to experience what life is like behind the scenes of a restaurant, the internet came together to share. Users on Reddit decided to share the one dish they’d never order, and it was eye-opening. Now I’m regretting all those years I spent ordering the “healthy choice” at a restaurant. Not all heroes wear capes. We owe these restaurant workers who shared the secrets behind these questionable dishes.

All-Day Breakfast Isn’t Your Friend

When McDonald’s announced that they were starting all-day breakfast, the world jumped for joy. Hotcakes at any time? Count me in. The only problem is that once the employees switch to their lunch menu, breakfast becomes a thorn in their side. Most of the time, they’ll microwave your breakfast item because they can’t be bothered to make it fresh.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images
Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

That means you’re paying for nuked biscuits, griddles, muffins, and eggs. The only reason I’ll still order the hotcakes at 5 pm is that my standards are already low.