The Scientific Reasons Behind “Cancer-Causing” Foods And Drinks

Every year, almost 10 million people die from cancer. In response, scientists have explored which diets contribute to the disease. Their research has raised questions such as how often we can eat these foods and whether or not we should avoid them.

Although some headlines may imply “avoid these foods,” the truth is far more complicated. Some carcinogens come from the packaging, not the food itself. Other foods have no effect unless you eat incredible amounts. Still, some foods pose a risk. Here is the research-backed, expert-confirmed truth behind cancer-causing foods and drinks.

Too Much Sugar

Because sugar feeds every cell in the body, it’s imperative to a healthy diet. This fact led to the assumption that eating less sugar “starves cancer.” While that has some truth, sugar alone won’t cause cancer. The American Institute for Cancer Research asserts that there is “an indirect link” between indulging on candy and getting cancer.

A woman holds up a lollipop.

Yet, over-indulging on sugar may result in obesity, which is a cancer risk. The CEO of Cancer Council Australia, Professor Sanchia Aranda, announced that at least 3% of cancers stem from obesity. Too much sugar may increase the risk for ten different cancers, including breast, bowel, and liver cancer.