These Health Benefits Explain Why You Should Eat Squash

When it comes to vegetables, squash may not be at the top of your shopping list. Green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli have received more hype over the years than squash. However, the vegetable offers variety along with a host of health benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Not only do the vitamins and minerals in squash keep your body functioning well, but it also can help you look your best. From preventing wrinkles to keeping your physique at a healthy weight, squash may aid in maintaining a youthful appearance. It also may help prevent certain diseases and ailments. Read on to see what this underrated veggie can do for you.

Fight A Cold With Winter Squash

Winter squash didn’t get its name from being harvested in the winter. It’s called winter squash because its skin is thick (think of pumpkins) and can, therefore, last through the cold months. Another reason winter squash is an ideal pick for the holidays is that it’s high in Vitamin C and A.

A woman smiles in the snowy streets of Utah.
Mat Hayward/GC Images
Mat Hayward/GC Images

One of the most popular winter squashes is butternut squash, which has half a day’s worth of Vitamin C and three days worth of Vitamin A in a one-cup serving. Both vitamins help keep your immune systems functioning at its best so that you can fight off the common cold.