These Healthy Snacks Will Satisfy Your Late-Night Munchies

Whether you’re one of those people who have three square meals a day or if you have a hearty snack every two hours, you know what an effort it is to eat healthy. Though you keep your body fueled up throughout the day, sometimes you still find yourself craving something to munch on just as you’re nearing bedtime. Consider these healthier options when it comes to late-night snacking so you’ll have zero regrets in the morning.

Air-Popped Popcorn

Popcorn is a great late-night snack – so long as you steer clear of the microwave version. Bags of microwave popcorn contain too many unnecessary ingredients and additives, which is why you’re better off air-popping your own kernels.

Tony Webster/Flickr
Tony Webster/Flickr

Regular popcorn kernels, when popped, are a great source of whole grains, fiber, and polyphenols. When you pop your own popcorn, you can lightly season it with a bit of sea salt, nutritional yeast, or cinnamon for sweetness.