These Symptoms Indicate That You Need More Vitamin B12

The average adult needs 2.4 grams of vitamin B12 every day. According to Harvard Health, B12 (or cobalamin) creates red blood cells, protects the nerves, and keeps your brain functioning. When someone lacks vitamin B12, they experience some strange symptoms. For instance, their tongue might get bigger, they lose more hair, and they even struggle to walk. If you feel these symptoms, you might need more vitamin B12.

Weakness And Tiredness

According to the Government of HealthLink British Columbia, people with vitamin B12 deficiency are more likely to develop anemia. With too few vitamins, the body cannot create enough red blood cells. This results in people feeling weak and tired.

A woman sleeps outside with her book over her eyes.
Tony Tran/Unsplash
Tony Tran/Unsplash

In 2012, a study in PLoS ONE determined that vitamin B12 deficiency results in intense fatigue. Stroke patients with low vitamin B12 were more likely to feel weak, which also raised their risk of clinical depression. If you continually feel tired, double-check your diet to ensure that you’re getting enough vitamins.