What Your Eating Habits And Favorite Foods Reveal About Your Personality

Some people eat quickly and try new things, while others eat slowly and stick to their favorites. These are more than just eating habits; they also reveal aspects of your personality. Researchers have found that the way people eat and the foods they crave relate to personality traits. To see what your eating personality is, read on.

The Slow Eater

Although slow eaters might feel pressured to catch up to others, they also enjoy every bite. Instead of multitasking, they practice mindfulness–the practice of experiencing moments in the present, not worrying about the past or future.

A woman smiles as she eats pasta salad.
Pablo Merchán Montes/Unsplash
Pablo Merchán Montes/Unsplash

Studies in Obesity Science & Practice note that mindful eating has some health benefits. Slow eaters tend to consume less and feel fuller, which helps people lose weight.