Winter Superfoods To Keep You Healthy During The Colder Months

When the cold months of winter hit, it is important to boost the immune system with superfoods. With the summer vegetables and fruits out of season, that means looking towards vitamin-dense winter squash and potassium-rich kale.

Keep reading to learn more about the winter superfoods to add to your grocery list.

Cauliflower Is Loaded With Vitamins

The best thing about cauliflower is that many recipes cater to the vegetable. Whether it’s buffalo, raw on a salad, or steamed with a bit of seasoning, cauliflower still contains the same amount of nutrients.

Louis Hansel/Unsplash
Louis Hansel/Unsplash

It contains high traces of vitamins B, C, and K and a compound known as isothiocyanate. Studies have been done linking this compound to the breakdown of cancerous cells.