Is Your Workout Worth It? See How Many Calories You’re Actually Burning

In order to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, it’s recommended that people do some sort of physical activity on a regular basis. Whether someone loves to run, bike, or swim, getting the heart rate up can burn some serious calories. But not all exercises are created equal when it comes to burning calories. Continue reading to see which exercises can burn the most (and least) calories in an hour.

Golfing (Skip the Cart): 391 Calories

Golf is one of the top sports for retirees and it can actually burn a hefty amount of calories in an hour.

Tiger Woods celebrating after winning a golf tournament
Andrew Redington/Getty Images
Andrew Redington/Getty Images

On average, a 200-pound person can burn about 391 calories by playing one hour of golf. They would need to be carrying their own clubs and not using the golf cart.