How To Stay Active At Home If The Gym Isn’t An Option

So the gym isn’t an option, and you can’t take any workout classes. How do you stay active? Whether you work from home or simply don’t like exercising outside, you still have plenty of options to stay active. Simple life changes can keep you fit even without a gym membership.

Simple changes, such as choosing the stairs and sitting on a different chair, could improve your physical health. Research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that ten more minutes of exercise can extend your life. Learn how you can activate those ten minutes while you’re at home.

Stay On Top Of Your Chores

Any physical activity can extend your lifespan. In 2017, research in The Lancet concluded that people who do more chores have healthier hearts. Doing the laundry, washing the dishes, scrubbing in the bath– all can burn up to 200 calories if you do them for a while.

A woman folds her laundry.

However, chores don’t replace a full exercise session. Irish scientists noted that relying on chores for exercise makes people heavier. Although housework isn’t as sufficient as going to the gym, it can still increase your physical activity and mood.