Photos Of Celebrities Sweating At The Gym Are What’s Called Major “Fitspiration”

Oh, the infamous gym selfies. The picture even celebrities are guilty of taking while weight training, running on the treadmill, and doing the impossible with various other gym activities like kickboxing. Hey, there’s no shame in gloating and showing off those glamor muscles and moves! From boxing, yoga, core workouts, and weight lifting, here are some celebrity gym photos that are just the type of fitness inspiration you might need.

Sarah Hyland Is All Smiles When The Workout Is Fun

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland is all about having fun at the gym. A trained ballerina, Hyland likes to stay limber, leaning towards workouts that allow her body to stretch and strengthen, like the aerial ribbon workout she’s pictured above. But that doesn’t mean she’s against traditional strength training!

During an interview with Shape, the actress said, “I do an hour-long full-body workout five to six days a week whenever I can. We focus on different body parts, and in between each one, I do one or two minutes of cardio. It’s pretty intense.”