Photos Of Celebrities Sweating At The Gym Are What’s Called Major “Fitspiration”

Oh, the infamous gym selfies. The picture even celebrities are guilty of taking while weight training, running on the treadmill, and doing the impossible with various other gym activities like kickboxing. Hey, there’s no shame in gloating and showing off those glamor muscles and moves! From boxing, yoga, core workouts, and weight lifting, here are some celebrity gym photos that are just the type of fitness inspiration you might need.

Sarah Hyland Is All Smiles When The Workout Is Fun

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland is all about having fun at the gym. A trained ballerina, Hyland likes to stay limber, leaning towards workouts that allow her body to stretch and strengthen, like the aerial ribbon workout she’s pictured above. But that doesn’t mean she’s against traditional strength training!

During an interview with Shape, the actress said, “I do an hour-long full-body workout five to six days a week whenever I can. We focus on different body parts, and in between each one, I do one or two minutes of cardio. It’s pretty intense.”

Stephen Amell Is All About Parkour And Body Resistence

Doing his own stunts meant Arrow actor Stephen Amell was in the gym three to five days per week doing extreme workouts. And the word “extreme” is meant in the most literal sense. To get ready for his role of Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow, Amell went through parkour and bodyweight exercises to gain lean muscle.

While most people go straight for weights, Amell prefers to use his own body weight as resistance, which includes a lot of balance training! Now he’s training for an entirely new role as a professional wrestler in the Starz series Heelz.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is A Literal Boulder

As a former collegiate football player and professional wrestler, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a long-standing history with the gym. One of the buffest guys in Hollywood, The Rock’s workout routine and diet is not for the faint of heart. But, hey, he didn’t get boulder-sized muscles from lying around and reading scripts all day.

The Rock commits to a solid six-day workout plan, beginning with a 4:00 am wake-up call and early morning 30-50 minute jog. From there, he hits the gym to work weights, doing multiple sets of reps for each muscle group. Obviously, his hard work pays off!

Lea Michele, From Scream Queen To Pilates Queen

Glee and Scream Queens actress Lea Michele isn’t a typical gym-goer. Instead of hitting the weights, she enjoys classes, such as hot yoga or even cycling at studios such as SoulCycle. Living in California, Michele is also accustomed to going on many hikes to get her heart pumping.

Yes, now we will discuss the contraption in the picture above. While filming Screen Queens, Michele frequented Romney Studios, a boutique studio offering everything from trampoline workouts to Pilates, as seen here.

Caity Lotz Channeling Her Inner Superhero

A trained martial artist and an avid practitioner of parkour and “tricking,” Legends of Tomorrow actress Caity Lotz pretty much channels her inner Sara Lance/White Canary superhero every time she walks into the gym for training. For Lotz, that means Filipino martial arts, pilates to stay limber and lose, and a whole lot of stretching.

Being on the move with filming makes it difficult for Lotz to find personal gym time, something that isn’t stuntwork for an upcoming scene. When that happens, she turns to the phone application Aaptiv, an audio-only trainer that gives her a step-by-step workout plan.

Manu Bennett Knows A Thing Or Two About Training

Crixus the Undefeated, Azog the Defiler, and Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson are all played by this one actor, the extremely talented and buff Manu Bennett. Needless to say, to get into shape for each of these characters, Bennett had to hit the gym hard. Starting with the notorious gladiator boot camp he attended for Spartacus, Bennett took it down a notch for his next two performances.

Playing a gladiator was grueling work, leaving his rotator cuffs a bit worse for wear. So, instead of weight lifting, Bennett’s been getting into swimming and hot yoga to stretch out and lengthen his muscles.

Zac Efron Went Above And Beyond For Baywatch

Zac Efron might have broken through the business as an awkward, lanky teenager, but once he started hitting the gym, it was game over for his physique. Playing the love interest, hot guy, or attractive fraternity brother in more than one film, Efron’s had to stay in tip-top shape.

But if there was one movie that pushed his body to its limit, it was the exercise and diet plan for Baywatch. During the film, Efron teamed up with celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy who put him through a rigorous 720-repetition workout, cardio bursts, and a strict diet that consisted more of fluids than actual food.

Jennifer Lopez Is All About Dance, Good Food, And Strength

Jennifer Lopez seemingly doesn’t age, and it’s all thanks to her diet and workout routine. Not only does the singer and actress hit the gym pretty much every day, but she makes sure to stay hydrated and eat only the best foods for her body.

Clearly, everything she is doing works because she looks absolutely stunning! Four or five days a week for roughly one hour, JLo pushes her body to its limits with intense strength training, core work, and, most importantly, dancing! Of, and according to her personal trainer, Dodd Romero, Jenny from the Block takes zero breaks between sets.

Bar Refaeli Enjoys Krav Maga

A former Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Bar Refaeli knows her way around a gym and how to look absolutely stunning while sweating! While weights, such as kettlebells, are utilized in some of her workouts, Refaeli favors martial arts-based workouts, such as Krav Maga, boxing, and cardio kickboxing.

She even goes outside of the box, bringing horseback riding into her routine, an activity that burns up to 400 calories per hour. Afterward, Refaeli fuels her body with healthy, whole foods, preferring them over the latest and greatest fad diet.

Dave Bautista Doesn’t Lift As Heavy As Before

A former professional wrestler, six-time world champion, martial artists, and bodybuilder, it’s safe to say Dave Bautista has a very intimate relationship with all things relating to a gym, weights, and a strict dietary plan. Known for playing macho men or aliens, Bautista hasn’t exactly left the gym behind.

Instead, he’s just changed up his exercise routine. Taking his weight training down a notch to avoid injury, the actor works out in three-day splits, weight training in quick intervals with 20-minute cardio work in between. His secret? Rest and recovery are key.

Vin Diesel Bulks Up To Play Dom Toretto

It looks like Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel needed to give himself a pump-up pep talk before grabbing those dumbbells for his next set. Well, either that or he was taking a breather from what was surely a grueling workout, as he needs to stay in top shape for his on-going role of Dominic Toretto in the Fast franchise.

Before becoming an actor, Diesel trained as if he were a bodybuilder, gaining as much weight as possible when he was young and then focusing on each individual muscle and defining it. Now, he’s all about supersets, two sets that are back-to-back with no rest.

Hugh Jackman Still Thinking He’s Wolverine

He might not be Wolverine anymore, but actor Hugh Jackman is still hitting the gym as if he’s about to take on an army of Magneto’s mutants. While his exercise routine might not be as strenuous as it once was, Jackman is still giving major gym inspiration in this picture.

All about lean muscles that allow him to stay quick and agile, Jackman’s training requires a whole lot of weight lifting. It seems as though you can take the actor off the X-Men set, but you can’t take the animal out of the actor.

Chris Hemsworth Has To Train Hard To Become A God

Obviously, no one in their right mind looks this good while at the gym. But Chris Hemsworth isn’t normal. In fact, he’s a god. Or, at least he plays one on the silver screen. While Hemsworth was all about physical activities before landing the role of Thor, it’s the MCU that’s been putting him in the gym day in and day out.

With a high protein diet that has him eating six times per day, Hemsworth’s exercise routine is only an hour long. But that one hour is cranked up way past 10 and involves traditional bodybuilding methods and functional training.

Gabrielle Union’s Secret Is Drinking Lots Of Water

Actress Gabrielle Union is total fitspiration in this photo. Mama and wife of a former professional basketball player, Union works hard to maintain her physique, even if it requires her to get out of bed early to go practice Pilates. Apparently, she’s not a morning person!

Either way, Union is all about her full-body workouts that include intense multi-muscle exercises, strength training, and bursts of cardio. She also swears by drinking at least a gallon of water each day and having a healthy diet full of whole-foods and vegetable juices.

Nina Dobrev Enjoys A “Workout Cocktail”

Actress Nina Dobrev has been an athlete her entire life, playing basketball, baseball, and even dabbling in gymnastics and snowboarding. But her workout routine incorporates more than her sporty activities. Dobrev enjoys doing what she calls a “workout cocktail.”

This includes varied cardio, such as boxing and biking, strength training for lean muscles, and stretching to increase flexibility and decrease potential injury. She’s also a huge advocate for sweating it out in the gym with a partner and incorporating some fun music into each workout.

Jessica Alba Is All About HIIT, Hot Yoga, And Pilate

As a mom, actress Jessica Alba is all about keeping her body as healthy and fit as possible. For her, there are a few specific workouts she swears by, including HIIT classes, Pilates, and hot yoga. No need for heavy weights and deadlifts here!

On top of her workouts, Alba is sure to include a few plant-based meals in her diet each week, protein shakes, coconut water to stay hydrated, and a whole lot of avocado toast for healthy fats. She’s also a huge advocate for meditation to deal with stress!

Serena Williams And Mike Tyson In The Ring

Serena Williams is a professional tennis player, while Mike Tyson is one of the greatest heavyweight fighters to come out of boxing. Together, they are powerhouse examples of what the human body can achieve when pushed to its limits. Just looking at the two sizing each other up with gloves gives serious “I need to get into the gym” vibes.

At 54-years-old, Tyson is still booking fights, Williams still pushes her body through tiring workout routines, diets, and anything that will keep her ranked as one of the best in the world.

Lady Gaga Loves To Practice Bikram Yoga

Singing and dancing at the same time is enough to make anyone winded, let alone to sing and dance like Lady Gaga! That’s why her personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, pushes Lady Gaga to strength train five times a week.

Ironically, Pasternak doesn’t throw any cardio into the singer’s routine, telling UsWeekly that Gaga gets more than enough cardio from her performances. When she’s not lifting or sculpting her abs, Gaga also enjoys practicing Bikram yoga, a specific style incorporating 26 set poses. It’s practiced in a hot room and is said to be more intense than traditional yoga.

Joe Manganiello Was Named One Of The Fittest Stars

Between True Blood, Magic Mike, and Sabotage, actor Joe Manganiello has had to keep his body in peak condition (blue mohawk optional). Named one of the fittest male celebrities in 2017, Manganiello has his rigorous workouts and diet to thank.

Training like a professional athlete, he aims to reduce his overall body fat by focusing on workouts that cater to each individual muscle. With a diet of protein-rich foods and vegetables, Manganiello’s cut physique makes sweating in the gym look easy.

Khloe Kardashian Spent 2.5 Years To Achieve Her Fitness Goal

It might not look like it in this picture, but trainer Gunnar Peterson made sure Khloe Kardashian was sweating by the end of their workout sessions! For two and a half years, Peterson pushed Kardashian to her limit, helping her work toward what’s now dubbed the “ultimate revenge body” by more than one tabloid.

But getting there wasn’t easy. And, according to Peterson, there was definitely more sweating than photos being taken! Going to the gym five to six days a week, Kardashian threw herself into interval strength training for the lower and upper body, core, all while throwing in bursts of cardio.