These Fit Celebrities Can’t Stand Working Out

We often see celebrities flaunting their workout routines and their resulting hot bods on social media, which leads many of us to believe that the stars love working out. While they obviously have to keep up their fitness as a part of their jobs, that isn’t to say that they enjoy having to suffer for it. There are plenty of celebs who hate working out just as much as the rest of us and having access to personal trainers and exclusive gyms apparently doesn’t change that. Keep reading to see which actresses and singers would rather be doing anything else than sweating in the gym!

Eva Longoria Secretly Wishes Her Trainer Would Cancel

Eva Longoria told Health in 2017 that she mixes up her workouts between running, yoga, pilates, SoulCycle, and weight training. Still, she doesn’t like having to combine exercises. "I don’t like moves that incorporate a lot of stuff. Like, ‘Lunge while you’re pressing and balancing,’ and I’m like, ‘Uuuugh,’" she said.

D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra
D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Despite all the exercise she gets in, she wishes for a good excuse to back out of it all. "I don’t enjoy working out. I like the way I feel after working out. I always wish my trainer doesn’t show up. I’m always like, ‘I hope he cancels," she said.