Americans Need To Cut These Foods Out Of Their Diet

A new study suggests that even though Americans have cut down their consumption of sweet foods in general, there are still some foods that we're eating too much of. One of these foods is white bread, and even though consumption is down we need to eat much less sugar.

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The study, found in the Journal of the American Medical Association, was held from 1999 to 2016. There were over 44,000 adults analyzed during the research.

The report says that whole grains are being eaten more, but are not a big enough part of American's daily calorie intake. The country is still turning to white bread too often.

They also suggest Americans have to cut down on snack foods, hot dogs, fatty beef, butter and other foods containing saturated fats. The study found these unhealthy fats increased from 11.5% to almost 12% of daily calories, above the recommended 10 percent limit.

On a positive note, the research shows that there has been a 2% fall in added sugar consumption. They say this could be due to people drinking less soda. However, the daily intake of sugar is at 14%, which is still higher than the recommendation of 10%. They suggest this could also be because of high sugars in foods that don't seem sweet, such as yogurt and tomato sauce.

The research also adds there was also a fall in low-quality carbs, such as those found in fruit juices. However, in terms of daily calories, they still make up just over 40%. It also shows that diabetes and obesity rates have increased and that nearly three-quarters of the country is overweight. Even though the country has improved in some aspects, there is clearly still progress to be made.