You Should Probably Skip These Menu Items At A Restaurant

We’d all love to think that eating at a restaurant is always a safe option. Sometimes it is, but other times it isn’t. Luckily there’s enough information available to compile a list of items that you’d be better off avoiding unless you’re feeling particularly adventurous that day.

With the following information, you’ll be armed with the knowledge on how you can safely navigate restaurant menus and avoid ordering anything that could cause problems. Here are the items you should say “pass” to the next time you eat out.

Hollandaise Sauce Can Be Left Out For Hours

For those of us that are unaware, Hollandaise is often made by using raw or lightly cooked eggs, and whisked together using butter, lemon, and various seasonings depending on your chef. The problem here being that raw eggs may carry bacteria such as salmonella, and the only way to effectively kill this bacteria is by bringing the internal temperature to at least 160°F.

Hollandaise sauce
DeAgostini/Getty Images
DeAgostini/Getty Images

Anthony Bourdain once said “How about hollandaise sauce? Not for me. Bacteria love hollandaise. And nobody I know has ever made hollandaise to order.”