The Many Science-Backed Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet was voted the best overall diet by U.S. Health News. The eating plan comes from Italy and Greece, and it focuses on vegetables, fruits, beans, lean meats, olive oil, and fish. Scientists have been studying its health benefits for years.

The more research that came out, the more this diet impressed people. From its impact on cancer to its ability to lengthen your lifespan, this healthy diet has multiple benefits. See how you can enhance your life with the Mediterranean diet.

It Sharpens Your Mind

CNN reported some encouraging news–that the Mediterranean diet may slow your risk of mental decline. Dr. Emily Chew, who led a study on the diet, said that participants “had almost a 45% to 50% reduction in the risk of having an impaired cognitive function.”

A woman reads a book and works on a crossword puzzle.
Mikhail TereshchenkoTASS via Getty Images
Mikhail TereshchenkoTASS via Getty Images

The results may have stemmed from the number of fish people ate, said Richard Isaacson, the director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic. Participants ate fish at least twice a week with plenty of fresh food, both of which are known to encourage brain health.