Comparing The Top And Bottom Of The Frozen Pizza Aisle – Which Brand Reigns Supreme?

Frozen pizza was once thought of as a fad and a quick solution for lunch. Today the frozen pizza industry is big business. More than 200 million Americans consume frozen pizza annually.

Customers can get pizzeria-style pizza in various styles, such as stuffed crust, for under $10 per box. Here are some of the best and worst frozen pizza brands.

Best: DiGiorno Rising Crust Supreme Pizza

DiGiorno Rising Crust Supreme pizza is the best-frozen pizza for several reasons. It contains delicious ingredients such as high-quality meats, vegetables, and dairy products.

DiGiorno Supreme Pizza

The special rising crust holds in the flavor and moisture, making it especially delicious. People love the crunch of the crust and the abundance of toppings, making it taste like it was just cooked in a restaurant.