If Your Food Shows These Signs Of Going Bad, Throw It Away

It sounds simple: if your food goes bad, toss it. But sometimes, food shows subtle signs of rotting that people don’t spot. Perhaps the texture changes slightly, or only one corner grows mold. These may seem like a small concern, but they could lead to foodborne illness.

Some signs of rotting are apparent, such as wrinkling or visible mold. Others are subtle. Frozen food may look too frozen, or the color under an avocado’s stem may be too dark. Read on to learn the foolproof methods of determining whether or not your food has gone bad.

Don’t Open The Can

Although some canned foods can last forever, others can develop dangerous pathogens. Botulinum is a toxin that forms in old canned foods, and even a small amount can be deadly. To avoid it, use canned foods before they go bad, says the CDC.

An empty food can is open.
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First, look for bulging, cracks, dents, or swelling on the outside of the can. If the container appears damaged in any way, throw it out. Rotten food will also foam or smell bad after you open the can. If your food has rotted, seal it in a bag and throw it out.