Eat These Foods To Fight Belly Fat, According To Science

Excess fat often sinks to the belly, and this can cause health issues beyond physical appearance. According to the Journal of Diabetes Investigation, excess abdominal fat is associated with heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, this fat is hard to shed.

Although one food can’t reduce all belly fat, a combination of fat-fighting ingredients can work wonders for your health. If you cook with certain oils, add a little spice, or choose the right late-night snack, your abdominal fat may shrink over time. Check out these science-backed foods before you plan your weight loss diet.

You’ll Want The Fiber In Artichokes

In 2018, a study in Pharmacological Research suggested that cooked artichokes help people maintain a healthy body weight. The researchers credited artichoke’s unique form of fiber, inulin. This fiber promotes healthy gut bacteria, and yes, this affects belly fat.


In 2016, a study in Genome Biology noted that people with healthy gut bacteria are less likely to store excess belly fat. Plus, one artichoke provides seven grams of fiber at only 25 calories. Registered Dietitian Kim Kirchherr told Women’s Health that artichoke could support healthy weight management.