If You Have High Blood Pressure, Avoid These Foods

People who have consistently high blood pressure suffer from hypertension, and they need to watch their salt and sugar intake. Over three-fourths of our salt consumption comes from sneaky sources.

From the type of cheese you buy to condiments, many foods sneak salt, sugar, and fats into your diet. Once you know about these foods, you can avoid them–and gradually lower your blood pressure. Learn about the foods that people with hypertension should avoid.

Don’t Pick Pickles

Although they’re tasty, pickles are the epitome of “salty food.” A medium-sized pickle supplies a max of 800 mg of salt, over half of your daily recommended dose on a low-sodium diet. In 2018, a study by LiveStrong confirmed that eating pickles raises blood pressure.

Chopped cucumber soaks in pickle jars.
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

As with all high-sodium foods, pickles are fine in moderation. But combined with other salty foods–deli meat sandwiches, cheeses, and hot dogs–will heighten your salt intake considerably. Salt places greater pressure on your blood vessels, which increases blood pressure. If you like pickles, restrict your serving sizes.