Surprising Foods That You Should Always Keep In The Freezer

Many of us do not take advantage of our freezers to the full extent that we could. You may be surprised to hear that the freezer isn’t just a place to store the items that were frozen when you bought them. In fact, many pantry items can benefits from being frozen, including chips!

You may have never thought to put something like eggs or cheese in your freezer, but there are a few tricks that make doing so worth your while. Get food-savvy with these freezer hacks and discover the satisfaction of saving time and money.

Prevent Cheese From Going Bad

For cheese lovers, it’s more or less a living nightmare when you reach to grab your favorite block and find it covered in mold that shouldn’t be there. This can make it tempting to buy those giant bags of shredded cheese that contain anti-aging chemicals.


However, you can preserve natural, fresh cheese by chucking an entire block into the freezer. Or better yet, shred the cheese beforehand, throw it in a freezer bag with some cornstarch or flour (to prevent clumping), and let it thaw when you’re ready.