Microwave Meals That You Don’t Have To Feel Guilty About Eating

Whether it’s been a long day or just a lazy one, sometimes cooking is the last thing we want to do. Microwave dinners aren’t only fast and straightforward to make, but they also last a long time. Though these meals have become infamous in recent years, not all ready-to-eat dinners are created equal. From mouthwatering Asian noodles to flavorful Mexican cuisine, these meals sport natural ingredients, little to no preservatives, and favorable nutrition facts. Read on to discover some of the healthiest microwave meals on the market.

Trader Joe’s Chicken Burrito Bowl

Trader Joe’s has a host of healthy options, and their chicken burrito bowl is no exception. This perfectly portioned microwave dinner is only 380 calories but is loaded with nutrition and protein.

Trader Joe’s
Trader Joe’s

One container has 22 grams of protein, 10 grams of fiber, and no trans fats. In addition to all-white meat, the meal also includes red and green peppers, corn, beans, brown rice, and red quinoa! The preservatives are kept to a minimum, so the ingredients list doesn’t read like a science experiment.