These Six Fall Superfoods Have Amazing Health Benefits

It’s finally fall! That means cozy sweaters, pumpkin spiced lattes, and some amazing fall superfoods. These are six seasonal foods that are packed with nutrients that will give you an extra boost this season!

Eggplant is one fall squash that is great for your health. The oblong purple fruit (yes, it’s a fruit!) is high in nasunin and chlorogenic acid, which helps protect the brain and also fights cancer.

Another fall squash that’ll give you a nutrient boost is butternut squash. The tasty seasonal gourd is full of beta-carotene, which supports healthy skin, eyes, and bones. It’s also a good source of vitamin C and loaded with dietary fiber for overall gut health.

Even though the process of eating pomegranate can be frustrating with all of its tiny seeds, it’s well worth it. The seeds have been shown to have serious benefits for your heart and circulatory health by preventing damage by reducing the buildup of harmful fat in your arteries.

Another red fall favorite that’s beneficial to your health is cranberries. They have anti-inflammatory properties, help boost bladder health and defend against prostate and breast cancers. They’re also a good source of fiber.

With cold and flu season arriving, broccoli rabe is a perfect addition to your diet. The leafy greens have twice the amount of zinc as broccoli, which helps promote a strong immune system. The veggie also has tons of fiber – even more than kale!

Leeks are another seasonal food full of health benefits. They help keep heart disease at bay and are full of vitamin K which can be anti-cancer forming and good for your bones.

Add these fall fruits and veggies to your grocery lists and you’ll be feeling great all season long!