The Impossible Burger Just Imploded On Burger King

The Impossible Whopper might be impossible to pull off after all. It launched back in April, and after four months the vegan option is being scrutinized for one big oversight.

Burger King has struggled to maintain its competitiveness over McDonald’s. To solve that little problem, they boldly introduced the Impossible Burger, a popular vegan burger patty, to their menu. Unfortunately, this solution bred a different little problem — literally, little.

Archive Photos/Getty Images
Archive Photos/Getty Images

The itty-bitty fine print on the menu says these words, “Flame-grilled on the same broiler used for beef and chicken.”


Bill Somrak writes, “@BurgerKing Cooking your “Impossible Whopper,” which is SUPPOSED TO BE VEGAN on the SAME cook surface makes you a #FRAUD. No #Vegan or #Vegetarian should eat your #taintedWhoppers #PHOOEY!”

Most people with dietary restrictions are used to omitting things topped on a patty, like cheese or mayo. Remembering to ask about the grill itself is usually more common when the risk of anaphylactic shock persists. So we can’t blame the vegans who overlooked this tidbit.

But we also can’t fully blame Burger King. They never claimed it was vegan, even if Bill says it was supposed to be. They also put the details about the cooking process on their menu.