This Is Why You Shouldn’t Wash Chicken Before Cooking

It’s been debated for generations, should you wash your raw chicken before cooking it? The opinions are strong on both sides of the debate. When people choose to wash their chicken before cooking, they think that the germs are going down the drain. However, this isn’t true.

When you wash your chicken in the sink it can make the problem worse, according to the UK National Health Service. When the water splashes around after being in contact with the raw chicken it can spread the bacteria on the sink and countertops. This can increase the risk of food poisoning and salmonella from the germs.

The only sure way to kill bacteria is to cook the chicken to at least 165 degrees, as per USDA guidelines. Washing your chicken has no purpose and can even create more germs.

Professional chefs have often been divided on the issue. Julia Child was an advocate for the practice, while Ina Garten says there is no need.

If your worried or grossed out about the sliminess on your chicken, try patting it with paper towels instead. If you’re one of those people who is set in their ways and refuses to believe you’re actually making things worse, make sure you disinfect the areas that could have been splashed with the contaminated water and thoroughly wash your hands!