You Can Now Buy Avocados That Stay Fresher Longer

Is there anything worse than cutting open an avocado and it being completely brown and mushy on the inside? Kroger’s new longer-lasting avocados will help bring an end to this problem.

This week the company will introduce longer-lasting avocados. These avocados are treated with a plant-based solution that helps slow down decay. They are coated with an odorless, colorless powder that is mixed with water and applied to the produce to lock in moisture and block oxygen. This coating will help the avocados last twice as long as untreated ones.

The product will be available in 1,100 of their 2,800 stores nationwide starting this week. Kroger has promised to eliminate food waste in the company by 2025.

They also have plans to sell longer-lasting limes and asparagus with a Cincinnati pilot program. Looks like an innovative way to save money and help reduce food waste!