Creative Uses For Salt That You May Have Never Realized

Remove Lipstick Stains From Glassware

Lipstick stains are hard to remove from glassware. Because lipsticks contain emollients that are designed to stay on your lips, they’re hard to wash off of cups. A casual run through the dishwasher may not help, but salt should.

Lipstick smears can be seen on a glass of freshly tapped beer at a press conference regarding the 21st International Berlin Beer Festival
Wolfgang Kumm/picture alliance via Getty Images
Wolfgang Kumm/picture alliance via Getty Images

Before you run these glasses through the wash, rub off the lipstick stains. Sprinkle some salt on a damp washcloth and use it to rub away the stain. If the spot remains, you can try the same method with rubbing alcohol. Then wash your cup in the dishwasher as usual.