Dish Soap Hacks To Help Clean Up Your Life

There are actually a lot more things that dish sop can be used for! Its grease-fighting and moisturizing capabilities are endless. No one likes doing dishes, but it’s worth it because you need clean dishes to eat off of, and the same goes for these hacks. You don’t want to have to de-weed your garden or ward off ants in your house, but if dish soap could make those jobs a little easier, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Check out these genius ways to use dish soap all around the house.

Be The Lord Of The Flies

dawn fruit fly solution combined with apple cider
Photo Credit: instagram / @wings.n.stings.gardener
Photo Credit: instagram / @wings.n.stings.gardener

If your kitchen or office is filled with fruit flies and you cannot figure out how to get rid of them, then turn to dish soap to get the job done.

Combine 4 or 5 drops of dish soap (some people swear that it has to be Dawn but that’s yet to be cross-tested) with a cup filled about a 1/2 inch full of apple cider vinegar. Then place it wherever the fruit flies are and you’ll be good to go.