These Secret Uses For Vicks VapoRub Will Have You Running To The Medicine Cabinet

If you open your medicine cabinet right now, chances are fairly high that you have a jar of Vicks VapoRub sitting on the shelf. After all, you only use a little bit during flu season so you have practically a whole jar at your disposal come next winter!

We’re happy to tell you that the ointment doesn’t have to sit in your cabinet for a year. There are many more uses for the menthol serum just waiting to be explored!

Neosporin Replacement For When You Take A Tumble

Vicks product

If you’re not prone to falling and scratching yourself on random things, it’s likely that you don’t own Neosporin ointment. Have no fear! If you accidentally trip, fall, and need to clean the resulting cut, use some VapoRub as a replacement.

Spread a thin layer around the wound to speed up the healing process. The serum will also help protect against germs and bacteria. Be sure not to put it on any open wound, though!