Unexpected But Genius Bread Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier

In 2019, the average American bought 53 pounds of bread throughout the year. If you’ve ever bought a loaf that you haven’t finished, know that there are plenty of other uses for your extra slices besides sandwiches. Bread slices are porous enough to soak up spills and rough enough to polish suede. Bread hacks can solve many problems, from fingerprints on the wall to cake drying out in the fridge. Don’t believe us? Check out these genius bread hacks, and you’ll wish you learned them sooner!

Stop Crying Over Chopped Onions

If you don’t want watery eyes while chopping onions, hold a piece of bread in your mouth. As you chew it, allow part of the bread to hang out. Although some people say that the bread absorbs gas from the onion, this isn’t entirely true. Rather, chewing disperses the gas.

A woman keeps bread in her mouth while chopping onions.
Pinterest/SuperKids Nutrition Inc.
Pinterest/SuperKids Nutrition Inc.

When onions break, they release syn-Propanethial-S-oxide. This chemical reaches the lachrymal glands, which tell us to cry to remove the chemical. When you chew bread, it disperses the gas so that less reaches the lachrymal glands. The result: fewer tears.