Uses For Rubbing Alcohol That You Didn’t Know About

It turns out that rubbing alcohol has more uses than just making your open wounds hurt even more while cleaning them. In reality, this commonplace household item is extremely helpful to have on hand for a variety of reasons beyond scraped knees.

Yes, it cleans wounds, but it can also be used to clean a variety of different things as well. Check out all the incredible hacks you can be using which this household product.

Remove Stubborn Stickers

Maybe you’re just trying (and failing) to peel off a stubborn price tag on a gift. Maybe your kid just has a passion for putting stickers on your household surfaces.

sticker half peeled on plate
Photo Credit: Instagram / @kosherkeilim
Photo Credit: Instagram / @kosherkeilim

Rubbing alcohol can make removing a stubborn sticker a breeze. Soak the whole sticker in alcohol and leave it for ten minutes. The rubbing alcohol works to dissolve the adhesive, making it easy to wipe the sticker and its goo away with ease. Say goodbye to that horrible Peppe Pig sticker your child put on the bathroom door.