Everything You Need To Know About Skin Care, According To Dermatologists

Skin is the body’s largest organ and a visible indicator of our overall health. In your early twenties, your skin begins aging, so it’s essential to give it adequate care as soon as possible. But with hundreds of products on the market, how do you know what to use for your skin?

Dermatologists have laid down guidelines for everything from the order in which to apply products and the best process to wash your face. If you want to identify which moisturizer is right for you based on consistency, keep reading. Here are dermatology-backed facts that you need to know about skin care.

Your Skin Starts Growing Old While You’re Still Young

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Your skin begins aging by age 25. Around this time, skin’s building block, collagen, decreases by 1% every year, the same rate as a 40-year-old. As skin ages, it begins to develop fine lines, wrinkles, flabbiness, and lower volume.

Along with collagen, your epidermal layers lose hyaluronic acid, which defends your skin against burns, infections, and dryness. “Do not wait until you’re over 40 years old to use advanced, super-strength products,” asserts Dr. Aaron Tabor, an anti-aging expert. “Start right now.”