Here Are Five Alternatives For People Who Hate To Floss

Dental hygiene is extremely important, but some find it easier than others - especially flossing. If the process of using pesky floss to clean your teeth makes you cringe, here are some alternatives.

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One option is using oral irrigators. A study of these devices found that they can reduce short term symptoms of gingivitis.

A classic toothpick is also another option. These wooden cleaning sticks are also said to help prevent gingivitis, and synthetic ones help remove plaque.

Interdental brushes are also another option. Many find these tiny brushes can be a lot easier to manipulate than floss, especially for those with braces.

Tape floss is also an option, and though it's technically flossing it can cause less discomfort than the regular fiber-woven floss. There is also the option of floss picks. Studies show these are "at least as good as" using regular dental floss, but are easier to use, especially on the go.

So whether it's your pesky child or even you yourself, dental hygiene doesn't have to be a painful process.