A Complete Guide To Kidney Infections, Including Ways To Prevent Them

Kidney infections occur when bacteria spreads to the organ and causes inflammation that requires immediate medical attention. The bacteria most often travels through the urethra, but it can also come from other parts of the body and be carried through the bloodstream. Read on to learn more about this common ailment and ways to help prevent it.

Causes: Hygiene And/Or Weakened Immune System

As with many infections, hygiene and immune system health play a significant role in the likelihood of contracting a kidney infection. Being sure that you exercise proper hygiene in the restroom can help prevent bacteria from getting into the urethra and causing an infection.

Susann Prautsch/picture alliance via Getty Images
Susann Prautsch/picture alliance via Getty Images

A weakened immune system can make it more challenging to fight off infection. This gives the bacteria a greater window of opportunity to get into and travel throughout the body and to the kidneys.